Jewish-Arab demography defies conventional wisdom

Jewish Policy Center's inFOCUS, spring 2018,, April 12, 2018

Anyone ignoring Israel’s unprecedented Jewish demographic tailwind is either dramatically mistaken or outrageously misleading.

Demographic time bomb? Mistaken or misleading! , March 20, 2018

The “demographic time bomb” concept accords mythical standards to Arab fertility and European standards to Jewish fertility, ignoring the Westernization of Arab fertility and the surging secular Jewish fertility.

The documented Jewish-Arab demographic about-face, March 09, 2018

A 65.5% Jewish majority in the combined area of J & S and pre-1967 Israel, benefitting from a fertility and migration tailwind. In 1900 and 1947 it was a 9% and 39% Jewish minority, respectively.

Projection made by Shimon Dubnov, a leading Jewish demographer, historian

Public Letters on Ancient and Modern Judaism, March 1898, March 08, 2018

"In 100 years [by 1998] the total number of Jews settling in Palestine will be 100,000.  If we multiply it by five - allowing for natural growth - then we shall get 500,000 in 100 years: slightly higher than the population of Kiev…."

Israel's leading demographer/statistician lobbied Ben Gurion against declaration of independence in 1948

October 1944 6 page document by Prof. Roberto Bacchi, March 08, 2018

According to the best case scenario, in 2001, there will be 2.3 million Jews and 4.4 million Arabs in the Land of Israel - a 34% Jewish minority....

The Jewish-Arab demographic about-face, November 10, 2017

In 2017, Israel is the only advanced economy and Western democracy endowed with a relatively high fertility rate, which facilitates further economic growth with no reliance on migrant labor.   

Overseas residents included in Palestinian count, October 30, 2017

Hassan Abu Libdah, first Head of the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, news conference, El Bireh, February 26, 1998:  “We counted 325,000 people living outside of the Palestinian lands for more than one year...."

Video #18: Palestinian demographic manipulation

YouTube 6-minute-video on-line seminar on US-Israel and the Mideast, , September 09, 2016

How do the Palestinians manipulate population statistics? 

1997 gaps between the PCBS, Palestiniian health ministry and election commission

Demographic PowerPoint 1997-2016, August 01, 2016

The 1996-7 data of the Palestinian Health Ministry and Election Commission are almost identical to Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics, but dramatically lower than the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics.

Palestinian demographic manipulation

“Israel Hayom”,, July 22, 2016

How has the PCBS manipulated its population statistics?

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