Topics of Speaking Engagements and interviews, July 05, 2018

1. *The two-way street, mutually-beneficial US-Israel relations:Israel’s unique contributions to US national security (video).
2. *The 400-year-old foundation of US-Israel relations (video).
3. *The Jewish-Arab demographic balance: no Arab demographic time bomb; a robust Jewish demographic tailwind (video).
4. Iran – a clear and present threat to regional/global sanity (video).
5. A Palestinian state’s impact on vital US interests (video).
6. The Palestinian issue – A center piece of Mideast fury, the Arab-Israeli conflict, anti-US terrorism and Arab policy-making (video)?
7. *The Palestinian refugees – myth & reality (video).
8. *US Congress: the co-equal bastion of enhanced US-Israel ties (video).
9. The US State Department – a serial blunderer (video).
10. Political correctness – fuel, not water, to the fire.
11. The self-defeatingUS pressure on Israel.
12. Lessons of the stormy US-Israel labyrinth 1947-1949.
13. *The precariousness of Israel’s narrow waistline (video).
14. The impact of the Arab Tsunami on vital US interests.
15. The volcano of Islam-driven terrorism(video).
16. *Israel's surging integration in global economy (video).